Approches to Design

Landscape design combines ecology and art; horticulture, and architecture; dreams and life-styles. As a landscape designer, Honey strives to reveal their dynamic interaction. She seeks to create sophisticated and innovative outdoor spaces, be they expansive or intimate, formal or wild. Details such as an urn for a focal point or a native plant that will attract monarchs play a central role as well.

MonarchWhile Honey maintains a connection with the land, exploring objectives and solving problems with clients remains a top priority. In this partnership, a spectrum of creative possibilities and solutions will gradually unfold. Be it the client’s desire to wander along a woodland path, savor summer herbs or offer wildlife habitat, each is at the heart of the design.

Keenly aware of New England’s heritage and changing seasons, Honey brings to the fore the spirit of the place.

With the client, she develops creative, esthetic and practical solutions with a long-term perspective. Be it the client’s desire to wander along a path through a shade garden, enjoy summer herbs and vegetables or simply cut a few flowers in a cottage garden, the possibilities are many.