Popping Alliums!

Alliums are a’poppin! The Golden Globes ceremony is now beginning and wow what stars. Literally.  Peering in more closely you will see tiny, star-like flowers neatly fitting into a perfect spherical globe.

On the velvet carpet the vigorous, five foot tall ‘Gladiator’  strides by with ‘Giganteum’ whose flower is bigger but whose height shorter. ‘Purple Sensation’ was given an Award of Garden Merit while ‘Mt. Everest’ and ‘Star of Persia’ watched by patiently.

These purple, pink and white architectural creatures will soon stand out in the garden like sentries. Like sentries they should  keep the deer at bay. How far? I don’t know.


An Intimate Moment


  • Nice pictures! I like the backlighting on An Intimate Moment, the out-of-focus background, and the waterdrops clinging to the stem.

  • Thanks Albie! To hear this from you is a real compliment!
    It’s all about being there at the right time and peeling back your eyes (plus knowing how to use a camera which I plan to work on!)

  • Marie Consiglio wrote:

    I love the moment just before. How beautiful.

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